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Basic services

  • Information about the services and collections of our library and other libraries.
  • Use of traditional and computer based catalogues.
  • Materials in the lending area, reading room and local collection area can be used only in situ.
  • Library events.


  • You can borrow up to 10 items, 3-3 non-traditional material (audio cassette LP, CD, video, DVD, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM), altogether up to 20 items.
  • The loan period for books is 35 days, for non-traditional materials 4 days. 
  • The printed list of the hired items contains the  author, title, the due date and the expiry date of the library card. 
  • Borrowing can be renewed once, except when the given material is requested by another visitor, or it is reserved.
  • New material can be borrowed only on condition the visitor has no overdue materials.
  • Some elements of the library collection cannot be borrowed, they can be used only in the reading room.

Borrowing periodicals, materials from the reading room

  • Handbook collections placed in the reading room cannot be borrowed, however, some of those materials can be borrowed for the weekend (from Saturday to Monday), and for Wednesday (from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday morning) (for good cause, e.g. examination).
  • Retroactive copies and years of periodicals can be borrowed only for the weekends,  according to specific registering.

Lending materials in stock

  • One part of our stock is placed in the external storehouse. These materials are indicated in the computer based catalogue.
  • Demands on books stored in the storehouse shall be asked for from the lending librarian. Delivery from the storehouse is once a week, on Wednesday. The date of receipt of books shall be agreed with the lending librarian. 


  • At the reader's request materials being borrowed can be reserved, which is kept on record for a half year period. Once the document arrives, the reader is notified in writing or by phone, and the reserved item is put aside for them. The reservation or the renewal can be done by ringing us or by email, on the following email address:  kkozi@mail.dkvk.hu

Interlibrary loan

  • This service is available to any reader of our library, provided they abide by the interlibrary loan rules. This service makes it possible to our readers to use books, documents, magazine articles which cannot be found in our library.  Materials missing in our stocks can be collected via interlibrary loans from other libraries through the National Document  Delivery System.

Computer services

  • The Kölcsey Ferenc Public Library as a member of the eMagyarország network, ensures computer and internet access to the readers. The ID number of the eMagyarország Pont is: 1074.  
  • Computer services are available after prior registration in the adult section and children's area, according to the terms of use and the charge rates.
  •  We provide you with the help of an advisor when using  the electronic public services  (Information Society Advisor).
  • In the institute and its proximity there is a so called DKVK public Wi-Fi connection (Wireless internet), free of charge, available non-stop, which can be used by everyone in possession of a suitable device .

Electronic database

  • NAVA
    The National Audiovisual Archives enables us to have access to the Hungarian National Broadcasting Deposit in our library.   NAVA collect, store and process the materials and in the database everyone can find Hungarian or Hungary-related terrestrial distributed television and radio programs. Films, newsreels and many other interesting programs can be watched for free, as our library is a NAVA spot.
    Originally an English database, however, it is already available in the Hungarian language, containing materials in various subjects: social sciences, education, natural sciences, medical sciences. The database processes full articles from scientific journals published by  internationally recognized publishers and information providers. It is important to know, that the essential thing in which EBSCO is different from other websites is that all the subject votes are made by  professionals. Its data are daily updated, and its use is free of charge in our library. 
  • Hungarian Biographical Guide 
    Entire national digital name register currently containing the most important data of 245,500 persons.

The electronic database is available from the library's network system. When using please ask for help from a reference librarian!  


Other services

  • Copy, print, fax sending.
  • Our library can make copies of written documents, texts, charts, figures at the request of our visitors  (taking into account the copyright provisions).


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