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Central library

The Kölcsey Ferenc Public Library together with its two branch libraries, make sure citizens have an adequate supply of books. It opened in 1951 as the settlement's library. From 1977 it has operated as the public library providing collections centrally. Its present appearance was finished in 1986 by converting an old building. It is a single-storey U-shaped building with an atmosphere of intimacy, providing  pleasant surroundings. The public library operates in a town having almost 40,000 inhabitants, so the place has proved insufficient to satisfy the ever increasing demands of the readers.

The library adopted its name after Ferenc Kölcsey, in a millenium celebration held in the year 2000. 


Branch library no.1

The first library of Dunakeszi welcomed its readers from 1928 as the Library of Hungarian Choir and  School Literary and Debating Society. From 1951 it provided its services to the public, together with the community library. From 1977 it has operated as the Branch Library no.1  of the Public Library (later on as  Kölcsey Ferenc Public Library) in József Attila Community Centre.

The Branch library no.1  celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2008.


Branch library no.2

The Branch Library no 2 opened in 1981 in Dunakeszi-alsó to satisfy the  inhabitants' demands .


Our librarians

In  our library (together with the branch libraries) there are 12 full-time employees, 7 of them having  a higher education degree, 5 of them having a secondary  education degree with specific training.  We strive for our readers to get the necessary information, they require.

The library's collective was honored with the Gold Plaquette for Dunakeszi in 2002.


Our library's future

Nowadays it is the library where one can gain necessary information. The Kölcsey Ferenc Public Library seeks to ensure free access to correct and precise information, and to the rich supply of Hungarian and universal culture to anyone interested in it.

Mission statement 

  • In the new millennium our library shall be open to the world. We shall offer excellent services in compliance with our place in the library system.
  • Our conditions and services shall be ranked with the libraries of the EU.
  • Co-operating with educational institutions we shall provide opportunities to ensure lifelong learning,  trying to enrich the youth culture.
  • We shall strive to develop the quality of our traditional and modern services.
  • Based on the results achieved so far, our library shall become the intellectual centre of the community. We shall patronate and back artists, friendly communities grouped around the library.
  • Active participation in the visitors leisure time, fostering the visitors quality time  through organizing various events. Raising overall interest by organizing new events.
  • We shall help our readers use the information system efficiently.
  • We shall help the citizens to gain useful and public information.
  • Continuous monitoring, of domestic and international professional achievements, participation in the activities of professional associations.
  • Our ultimate aim is to satisfy the readers' needs.




Known as ’The Gate of the Danube-bend’, the settlement was raised to the rank of town in 1977. Its history can be traced back to an ancient past, yet its name in documents first appeared only 750 years ago.  This area was inhabited as early as the ancient times, its industry and culture became significant only in the  XIX-XX. centuries. Since then, it has been growing and increasing. At present, it is the centre of the Dunakeszi micro-region and its biggest settlement. Its institutions, as e.g. the Kölcsey Ferenc Public Library, play an essential role in the professional co-operation of the micro-region.

For further details please visit the city's and the micro-region's webpage.


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