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The online catalogue of the Kölcsey Ferenc Public Library

 The TextLib integrated library system's online catalogue contains all materials of the Kölcsey Ferenc Public Library and of the branch libraries. It gives information about the authors, titles, serial titles, subjects and any combination thereof, but you can browse in its systematic lists as well. Its results show whether or not an item can be borrowed and, by integration of the latest features, reviews or downloadable versions  can be reached easily.

 Online reader service

 Reader status

The TextLib integrated library system makes it possible for the readers to get a quick view of their data (borrowings, reservations, dues, etc).

 Distance registration and borrowing

Using the registration module one can initiate the library registration from a remote computer workstation. With the help of the distance borrowing one can submit a request via the online catalogue.

 Email system of reader notifications

This is an electronic system of sending the notifications to the readers, which enables quick and free contacts.

 Internet-based subscriptions and renewals

The most common request is about the subscription and renewal of materials. With the help of the module the reader can perform these transactions at the click of a button from home, regardless of the opening hours of the library.


With the results found in the online electronic catalogue, besides bibliographical data one can see the cover, the blurb or even the digitalized text of the book (e-book). These data are collected by a background application on the internet.

 Institutional borrowing

This module operates the administrative interface of urban and micro-regional partner institutions borrowing from the library.

 Electronic information

Electronically transmitted written messaging between the reader and the librarians using the TextLib interface. It helps forward the result clusters directly from the TextLib.

 Online library reference desk

 Database of local collection

 Database of artists in the micro-region

In the micro-region there are more and more people taking pleasure in fine arts and literature. For the majority of them it is just a simple pastime activity, by which they develop proficiency, however, there are increasingly more people considering arts as a profession. The database provides the biography, contact address and the works of one hundred writers, poets and visual artists living in the micro-region (Dunakeszi, Göd, Fót, Mogyoród).

 Database of public sculptures, plaques and exhibition places

 The database undertakes the collection and presentation of sculptures, monuments, commemorial plaques and exhibitions of the settlements (Dunakeszi, Göd, Fót, Mogyoród) in the Dunakeszi micro-region. The database supplies photographic documentations and detailed descriptions of all works of art found in the relevant area.

 Database of local collection photographs

 With the help of the database of the Dunakeszi local collection, photographs of the town's visual heritage are presented in a single format. The database  was created with the cooperation of the Kölcsey Ferenc Public Library and the Révész István Local History Collection. In the database there are about two hundred photographs representing the town's history. The public library made a contribution of about 500 photographs from its own local history collection, whereas the Révész István Local History Collection provided a larger amount of material consisting of 1,500 photographical documents.

In the database one can find photos of streets and buildings, photos of local customs and local observance, photos taken on the significant events or programmes  in the town's history, but one can find photos taken of famous persons or families as well.   The pictures can be searched and sorted by title, subject and date.

 Places of interest in Dunakeszi

 The database shows attractions in Dunakeszi in a systematic manner, and in a virtual form. Of course, the “virtual walk” encourages the guests to visit the offered routes in reality as well. There is processed material of 50 stations for those coming on foot, by bicycle or wheelchair.

 One stage of a route includes the most famous sight of Dunakeszi, of which you can find a description and some photos as well. With the help of the map database, based on the Google Map, the geographic location or the name of the sight gives some information to plan your own routes as well.

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